I have had two children go through the Seminar program at Hawthorne Elementary. I was amazed watching my children grow and progress under the instruction of these wonderful teachers. My children were challenged, and quickly learned how to manage the material presented. They have both gone on to maintain advanced level work and the highest of GPA’s in both middle and high school, no doubt a result of the foundation acquired in the Hawthorne Seminar program.”
Lisa Goldie
mother of Katherine and Elizabeth
My children have received a very rich education here - great teachers supplemented by wonderful educational enrichments both in the classrooms (e.g., experts that come to the school to give presentations) and on field trips (Natural History Museum, San Diego Symphony, college campuses, nature tours through San Diego Audubon and Tijuana River Nature Reserve, etc.). We couldn't be happier!”
At the old school [my child] was a failure and we kept getting notices of his misbehaving and failing in class. Now at Hawthorne, he is prospering into a promising student. Mrs. Sherman is paying attention to each student individually instead just as a number. I would recommend to parents of any GATE Certified students to send their kids to this school.”
I have had three children attend Hawthorne Elementary’s unique Seminar Program and my only regret is that the quality, depth, and breadth the program offers, as well as the care the children receive, is not available to more students. I remain adamantly convinced that there is no superior educational option … public or private! More importantly, my kids agree.”
John Zlatic
alumni parent
Our two kids have been challenged by the Hawthorne Seminar Program, so academically they are reaching new levels. But I also appreciate that they have been able to be regular kids at the same time – making new friends and having a teacher they really like. It’s been a great thing for them.”
Beth B.
Our son basically went from hating school to loving school once he joined the Hawthorne Seminar Program. He has matured socially and academically and is able to accomplish things with ease that were a total struggle in the past. We feel that being with peers who have similar ways of thinking and a teacher who understands and relates to the students way of thinking has been extremely beneficial to his all around success. All of the fantastic enrichment programs have helped to grow the “whole child”. We highly recommend this program.”
Jennifer and Gary Kuebler
The program is the perfect balance between fun and learning. It’s the first time I have ever been challenged.”
Harry Maurer
former student
My child was academically and artistically challenged, but also received the social-emotional support that is necessary for gifted children to thrive. An active parent-led foundation forms an engaging and supportive community for families with gifted students.”
I pulled my sons from a GreatSchools "10" to go to Hawthorne in their Seminar Program. They went from being bored and underachieving to thriving and loving school. I love that the school is smaller than most elementary schools in San Diego, and that it's economically and racially diverse. Most of all - I love that my kids LOVE school again.”
We'd had experience with both another public school (that has received a 10) as well as a couple of private schools. The seminar program at Hawthorne is unmatched. The 2nd/3rd grade teacher has high expectations and keeps the kids challenged. So very happy we found this gem!”
The 2nd/3rd grade seminar teacher here is what I had been searching for. These children have virtually no ceiling. My child is finally challenged and couldn't be happier.”
We have seen dramatic changes in our son […] during the last nine months he has been in the Seminar Program at Hawthorne Elementary. [He] has become a much more confident, independent and enthusiastic student.”
John & Lisa Kirk
The academic work provided in this program really meets my son’s need to be challenged. The program has developed his in-depth thinking, problem solving, and self expression for his psychological and cognitive development through advanced math, a variety of projects, presentations, poetry, and essays. Choir, band, and theater activities add colors and shades to a program. He enjoys the exceptional program here at Hawthorne.”
We have been tremendously pleased with the Hawthorne Seminar program… From math and science to art and music there has been a broad range of education that the students absorb at their highly developed pace. Further, as volunteer instructors we have found the students to be excited, interested and completely engaged in what is going on in their classroom and school. We fully uphold this special program and can only say that every child deserves an environment that can fulfill their potential the way this one does.”
Dr. Erik Virre and Dr. Mary Ann Hawke