Hawthorne Seminar Foundation

3rd, 4th, 5th Grade Education For High-Gate and Seminar Students in San Diego

3rd, 4th, 5th Grade Education For High-Gate and Seminar Students in San Diego

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The Rocky Oceans

Falling waves crashing down
Over and under
On the bumpy rocks
Rolling waves go splashing
Down on the jagged rock edges
Small waves bumping on tall rocks
Big waves raining down on the soft
Yellow sand where pebbles and seashells
Hide under the warm sun
Waves fall and wash the shells
Into the deep blue infinite ocean

Tenzin M.
Grade 2

I Come From

I come from freckles and frowns; smiles and laughter;
Marriage and divorce; uncles, aunts and cousins.
I come from stories and pages, tales that rage,
Voice and song and letting go of reality.
I come from sunny beaches and endless drought,
Life and love and cold anger.
I come from fidgeting fingers and tall, endless legs,
Revenge and rivals and forgiveness.
I come from dreams and wishes that will never come true.
I come from a place like home.

Anna H.
Grade 5

Our California Coast

The sun sets across the horizon
As if it is a gift from heaven
Colors brighten like a winking star
Such little light across the horizon
Before your eyes the colors switch from
Orange to yellow across the sky
The stars flicker and they shine
They celebrate by dancing in the darkness
Past the horizon the sea lions
The leopard sharks recharge
For the night waiting for the next day

Patrick L.
Grade 3

Tonight’s Show

The sunset’s gold,
tangerine, blush, violet
The bright sun gives a silent wink
and whispers goodbye.
The night-time show
is about to start.
First, orchestral crickets
pull out their instruments.
Next, excited fireflies
switch on the spotlights.
Fragile moths
open their wingy curtains.
“Hoo, hoo,”
the owl sings.
The starlit show pauses,
leaves a massive dent.
The audience claws for more.
The garden snakes slither
their best moves.
Then acrobats
take on the crowd.
Don’t forget the skunk
who adds the woodland scent.
Please tell: Is there more?
Everyone forgets the rats
picking up all the trash.
Alas, the party is
coming to an end.
Say goodbye!
We hope to see you again!

Brianna L.
Grade 5

Not At All

Alone by my dark, quilted bed,
Just like Mama sternly said,
Life doesn’t frighten me at all.
Halloween drawing frightfully near,
Creepy spirits lurking
In the ominous air,
Life doesn’t frighten me at all.
Standing in a pitch-black cave,
Midnight ticking near,
Stalactites dripping here and there,
Ghosts drifting through the haze,
They don’t frighten me at all.
Spiders hanging everywhere,
Like dripping death coming near,
Life doesn’t frighten me at all.
Saving my mortal soul
With everything on an empty mind,
Way under the deep, dark sea,
Where living souls cannot be!
Not at all.
Not at all.
No, life doesn’t frighten me at all.

Miranda M.
Grade 3